Dial-in Troubleshooting

Check devices for secure and correct cable connections as well as appropriate lights

  • Ascend IMUX: Green Power and solid green LA light or RPM's: 3 solid greens Power / Sync / Data

Check PC lights/power, surge protectors, monitors, speakers

  • Cameras
  • Zydacron VCC-3 camera has 2 power switches and a sleepmode
  • Zydacron static camera has a power switch on it
  • Polycom camera goes to sleep when not in a call, pick up the remote control and point it at the camera to wake up
  • VTEL camera will have a green light on it when powered up, switch is located on the rear of camera

Double Check T-1 Connection

  • Check that videoconference equipment is plugged into the correct video jack.

Make Sure Videoconference Software Application Is Open

  • Some systems are set up for the launching application automatically upon system boot, others require double clicking on an icon.

Double check ISDN number. Have you entered it in correctly in the dial field?

  • No spaces, no 1 or 9 first on Zydacron
  • #XXX206221XXXX for VTEL and Polycom
  • Check KORRS to verify the dial-in number as they are subject to change.
  • You can only dial in ½ hour before the start time of a multipoint conference unless otherwise directed to do so.

Check Profile and Bandwidth Selections

Profile 009 and 007 are both 384k calls

  • #007 or #009 determine profile on VTEL and Polycom
  • Zydacron typically defaults to profile 007 in ESD 112 service area
  • Zydacron if you have a shortcut on your desk top for profile 7 or profile 9 be sure and choose the appropriate profile shortcut