K-20 Videoconferencing Support

The ESD 112 Regional Institutional Technical Unit (RITU) is the K-20 Network point of contact for problem identificiation (Data & Video) for the 30 districts within the ESD region and 2 state schools. The RITU assists in assessing problems within a district as well as working with KOCO (K-20 Operations Co-operative) to determine if the problem is within the K-20 network.

Next Generation Videoconference Implementation

Sixteen ESD112 school districts were awarded Polycom VSX7000s’ by The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as part of the Next Generation K-20 Videoconferencing Project. This OSPI administered project is made possible with $621,000 funded from the QWEST Settlement funds. The overriding goal of this project is to promote and expand the instructional use of interactive videoconferencing across all of the sectors in the K-20 system, by replacing and/or enhancing videoconferencing endpoint equipment to support updated video protocols and their inherent increased flexibility in mobility, with a focus on classroom deployment.

Thanks to this project, ESD112 region now has 21 districts with H.323 (IP) videoconferencing capability. IP enabled videoconferencing allows districts to take the technology to the students, instead of having to take the students to the technology. As an all-in-one solution, the VSX 7000s system easily sits on top of any TV or XGA display, and provides high quality conferencing. The intuitive user interface makes using these units a positive experience for everyone involved.

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