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Q: What is TV ETC?

A: TV ETC (The Vancouver Educational Telecommunications Consortium) has been the designated educational access provider since 1979, providing local educational programming in Clark County, Washington. Thirteen member school districts, private schools and state schools pool resources to manage the three channels' playback and programming seen locally on Comcast Channels 27, 28/328, and 29. TV ETC is a non-profit organization housed at Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver, Washington.

Q: Where can I see TV ETC programming?

A: It is only available on Comcast Cable, Channels 27, 28/328, and 29 in Clark County, Washington. It is not available on satellite. Some of our short programs are available on YouTube. 


Vancouver Public Schools YouTube Channel

Evergreen Public Schools YouTube Channel

Q: Why can't I see TV ETC programming on my satellite dish?

A: TV ETC is part of the local PEG (Public, Educational, Government Access) provision made possible to the community through the City/County Franchise Agreement and Comcast. Locally, you can also enjoy the government access programming on CVTV Channels 21 & 23; and FVTV, public access programming on Comcast Channel 11. The PEG Channels are overseen by the City/County Telecommunications Commission and the City/County Cable Office. You can contact the Cable Office for more information at: (360) 487-8702 

Q: How can I tell when a program is on?

A: Click on the link to "schedules" to see the weekly line-up of programming for Channels 27, 28/328, and 29. If you can not find the program, please contact Rose Yandell, 360.952.3643.

Q: I missed the scheduled plays of a program. Can you play it again?

A: Yes! Just contact Rose Yandell, or call 360.952.3643 to request a repeat play.

Q: Can I purchase a program I see on the TV ETC Channels?

A: Yes, if it is a locally produced program, most likely, it is available for purchase. Please contact Rose Yandell  360.952.3643 for more information. 

Q: What schools participate in TV ETC programming?

A: There are thirteen Clark County schools who are current members of TV ETC. If your school would like to join TV ETC, please contact Rose Yandell, 360.952.3643 for more information. Battle Ground School District, Evergreen Public Schools and Vancouver Public Schools each produce programming on a regular basis for the TV ETC channels.

Q: Why are some events covered and not others?

A: The individual school districts decide which events will be covered based on resources and availability. In the case of Vancouver Public Schools, sports events are regularly covered by video production students at Fort Vancouver High School who feature games from their high school volunteering countless hours setting up the equipment and taping the games. Battle Ground High School covers games from their own school teams as well. Evergreen Public Schools has a more district-wide approach covering games across all their high schools.

Q: Can I submit a message to appear on the channels about my school event?

A: Participating TV ETC member school districts submit the messages you see on the channels between regular programming. These messages are collected by the school district public information office. Please contact your school district's public information department.

Q: What is Classic Arts Showcase?

A: TV ETC transmits via satellite, Classic Arts Showcase, for our viewer's enjoyment and education. The non-profit service replays historically and artistically significant arts performances from the last seventy years. Unfortunately, there is no published schedule. Take heart that the programming repeats quite frequently with a new line-up each Friday. Visit their website for more information.

Q: I am having problems with my cable, can you help?

A: If you are having problems with all your channels such as reception or a billing issue, please call Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST.

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