Truancy Project Overview

Clark County Truancy Project Workshop

Once a petition has been filed with the Clark County Juvenile Court by the School District, the Truancy Project helps staff and conduct a weekly Truancy Attendance Workshop held at the Juvenile Court. The workshop provides the student and parents information about the Becca Law and the consequences of not attending school. The student and/or parents may sign a Stay of Proceedings which puts the petition on hold for 12 months. If school attendance does not improve following the workshop, the School District staff sends a referral to Truancy Project staff.

All workshops are held at the Clark County Juvenile Center weekly each Monday beginning at 3:00. Students and parents are notified of workshop attendance via a written mailed notice from the school district.

Cowlitz County Truancy Project Orientation

Once the Truancy Project staff receives a referral, the student and parents are required to attend a 1½ hour orientation. Youth may not attend school for a variety of reasons including fear, academic failure, family issues, substance abuse and many other reasons. As an intervention program, the Truancy Project's goal is to return youth to school successfully. Therefore, we spend some time at the orientation trying to assess the youth's issues and beginning a plan to resolve the problems. This is a time for the parents and students to be educated about the Becca Law, the Truancy Project Program and what is expected of them in the future.

All orientations are held at the ESD 112 Longview office (1217 14th Ave) each Tuesday afternoon and evening. Students and parents are notified to attend an orientation via a written mailed notice from The Cowlitz County Truancy Project.

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Clark County Truancy Board Meetings

Vancouver School District
Jim Parsley Center
2901 Falk Road | Vancouver, WA 98661
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1st Tues and 3rd Thurs of each month, Sept—June
3:30—6:00 pm
Evergreen School District
Tan Administration Building
13501 NE 28th St. | Vancouver, WA 98682
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1st Thurs and 3rd Wed of each month, Sept—June
4:00—7:00 pm
Battle Ground, Camas, Hockinson, La Center, Ridgefield, & Washougal School Districts
11104 NE 149th St | Brush Prairie, WA 98604
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Boards scheduled as needed

Cowlitz County Truancy Board Meetings

Please call the Cowlitz office at 360.577.2486

Case Management

After the orientation, Truancy Project Specialists will begin working individually with the youth. This may include meetings with the youth, parents, teachers or school counselors, visits to the youth's home and activities and events hosted by the Truancy Project staff. We may recommend academic support through tutoring, changing schools, or in severe cases, completing an adult diploma or a GED instead of a high school diploma. We may also recommend family or individual counseling and enrolling in support programs such as the Youth Workforce Program, Job Corps, or The Bridges Academy.

Truancy Boards

If youth continue to miss school and the efforts made to intervene are unsuccessful, then we may require that the youth attend a Community Truancy Board meeting. The Truancy Boards are made up of community volunteers who will meet with the youth and his/her parents to discuss the continuing problems. This Board will help the youth and parents make further decisions about the youth's future. Generally, the Board members, the youth and the parents sign contracts at the end of the meeting indicating their agreement on a specific course of action. If any party fails to uphold their part of the contract, the Juvenile Court may choose to intervene.

View the list of Truancy Board Members