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Service Learning

Understanding one's place in the world and being able to give of one's time and abilities helps to promote confidence, compassion and commitment to one's community. To that end, the Truancy Project offers youth opportunities to participate in service activities designed to build core competencies. Some of the past service projects include working at the Food Bank, building trails, repairing computers and bicycles, and preparing a community garden. The Truancy Project partners with the Youth Workforce Program to frequently provide a wide variety of service opportunities.

Summer Community Action Academy—
Clark County

The Community Action Academy promotes a positive approach to learning and a fun way to explore careers and participate in service learning projects.  The youth may spend time in trainings such as First Aid/CPR, Food Handler's and work based trainings such as Harassment Prevention and True Colors, a personality exploration program that helps youth understand teamwork better. Youth are also exposed to career options through tours and guided activities.  Space is limited and may have geographic/school limitations depending on the funding sources.

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The Truancy Project

believes that youth who are engaged in their community and with positive, supportive adults will do better in school overall. To that end, the Truancy Project works with other organizations to provide enrichment activities, service projects, work readiness skills and summer work experiences to enhance the youth's abilities."