Train the Trainer

Teacher Leadership Framework Training

ESD 112 is offering a Train the Trainer professional learning opportunity for the CEL5D and Danielson Teacher Overviews. It is recognized that although the six-hour Teacher Overview is required by the state, most districts lack the capacity to send their teachers to training during the school year due to sub shortages. As a solution, the TOTT is being offered statewide to assist districts in building internal capacity. Also, having a staff member in-district or school allows for a roll out that matches your district PD calendars, late starts, and early releases.

To take advantage of this opportunity, we ask that you select teacher leaders from your district who have strong communication skills and a willingness to train your teacher on the state-required Teacher Overview. Utilization of your 664 funds to provide compensation to your teacher is allowable.

Contact Mike Esping to schedule CEL5D or Danielson TOTT trainings for your district.

For Marzano TOTT opportunities and other offerings around the state, see OSPI's website.