Technical Assistance

ESD 112 staff are prepared to answer questions or customize strategies that will assist districts within the region. Please contact us or click here to complete a professional development request form for assistance with:

  • Maximizing rater agreement through communication with OSPI, framework specialists and district staff.
  • Develop means for sharing resources, tools, and strategies that support the elements of the evaluation cycle.
  • Gather program data related to the successful implementation of the revised evaluation system and to state and national reporting requirements.

ESD 112 Regional Learning Sessions around the evaluation system (TPEP)

District leaderships teams meet at ESD 112.
Dates: 10/24/17, 2/20/18, & 4/10/18
Location: ESD 112
Time: 8:30-12:00 Learning Session & 12:00-4:00 Lunch/District Team Planning Time

Download a printable FLIER

Regional Learning Topics 2017-18 Learning Outcomes
  • Evidence with the lens of Equitable Teaching Practices
  • Assessment literacy with the lens of Equitable Teaching Practices
  • Rater Agreement - activities/protocols and learning experiences
  • Evaluation "Toolkit" Conversation
  • The interdependence of dimensions/domains and indicators/components with examples of evidence supporting equitable teaching practices
  • The key ideas in each criteria/indicators/components and what evidence would look or sound like
  • The evidence for all aspects of the framework and ability to determine summative criterion level scores using that evidence. Have your team experience a fish bowl protocol and learning conversation.
  • Explore your current system and consider a "toolkit" developed by school district representatives, AESD, and OSPI.

Contact Mike Esping, 360-952-3412, or Malena Goerl, 360-952-3409, for more information or to register your team for the Regional Learning Sessions.

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Kathy Whitlock, Executive Director of Student & School Success
Mike Esping, Director of Educator Effectiveness and Early Career Development