Focus on Student Growth

The TPEP Steering Committee strongly recommends that all districts create a plan to develop common understanding about the student growth component of the revised evaluation system during the coming year. Student growth goals and performance measures are part of the revised evaluation system, so all teachers need an opportunity to see how the rubrics are connected to their work in classrooms and principals need opportunities to learn how they can support that integration in ways that honor legislative intent regarding student growth.

Through the Teacher Training Fund, OSPI will support teacher training on the revised system with a focus on student growth either through participation in Educational Service District (ESD)-guided learning. All ESDs will offer regional support for learning about student growth goal (SGG) setting, selecting appropriate measures, and monitoring progress toward goals. 

This series of 5 workshops is designed to provide teams with an overview of goal setting for student growth, selecting classroom-based, school-based, district-based, and state-based tools, and using student learning data in educator evaluation. Teams will also learn a process for establishing student growth goals, examples of student growth goals, and a process for determining the change in student achievement between two points in time.

Audience: The intended audience for these workshops is a district-level leadership team of four to six people. Each team should include the district administrators, principals, and two to three current classroom teachers representing a variety of subject areas, grade levels, and/or student needs.