What steps does a district need to follow to set up eVAL?

  1. Have the District Security Manager set up users in EDS, and assign roles for all users. See the document entitled eVAL - Roles-Positions-Tasks.
  2. Have the eVAL District Administrator login to the eVAL tool to identify/confirm their instructional and leadership frameworks, assign “evaluatees” to their evaluators, and configure other settings. The eVAL District Administrator can delegate some of these tasks that are building-based to a staff member at each building who is designated to manage and pair users. This needs to be done before the onset of each school year. See the District Administrator Handbook.
  3. If the District Administrator of eVAL has delegated the task of teacher assignments to the School level, that gives the Principal and the School Administrator of eVAL the ability to assign teachers to their evaluators, as well as identify the evaluation cycle for each teacher. The Quick Start Guide will guide Principals and School Administrators through these steps.

How do I login to eVAL?

You will sign in to eVAL through EDS.

What is a suggested "first eVAL activity?"

It may be helpful to have teachers and principals log in to eVAL and complete a self-assessment as one of their first activities.

Will evaluation data stored in eVAL be publicly available?

No. Evaluations and other evaluation-related data can only be accessed by users with permission to view the web site. The web site is not publicly accessed via the web. Users of the web site are directed to eVAL from a second web site that manages the roles and permissions of eVAL users.

If eVAL is provided by the State of Washington, does that mean that state officials can view my evaluations?

No. Only certain school and district leaders can view the contents of evaluations in eVAL. At the end of each year, district officials submit a report to the state, which only contains the number of teachers and principals in each of the four levels of proficiency.

Can you tell me more about the sandbox?

We have created a sandbox that mirrors your “live eVAL website” exactly. The sandbox is intended to provide a place for district training and awareness-building. There are some important things to note about the sandbox:

  1. Access the sandbox
  2. Before you can access the sandbox, your District Administrator (of eVAL) must select a framework and configure eVAL for the users in your district. See above.
  3. The sandbox is restored to a clean state each night around 12:00 AM, so changes are not saved.

Can we request training on the use of the eVAL tool for our staff?

Yes, training on the use of the eVAL tool is available. Please call Katherine Livick at 360.952.3395 to schedule a training session for your staff.

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What are some upcoming
revisions to eVAL 2.0?

The developer of eVAL 2.0 is currently working on the following revisions:

  • Since the workshops were held in August, 2016, a self-assessment report was added.
  • Improvements to the Observation report.
  • Generating a report on each sign-off of a Student Growth Goal plan.
  • Improved performance of using the Back/Forward browser button.

The developer will work on the following features of eVAL 2.0 further on down the road:

  • Training site additions: practice sessions and district training videos.
  • Completion of the summative evaluation workflow.
  • The inclusion of an "update report" within the eVAL tool.

Will a new iPad app be developed
to enhance eVAL 2.0?

Yes! An app is coming, but it may not be available right away, as there is more work to be done on the online eVAL tool. The future app will include some of the same features as the original app:

  • The ability to capture and upload artifacts during an observation.
  • The ability to engage in learning walks and rich, follow-up conversations.

Your Contact for eVAL:

Katherine Livick
PH: 360.952.3395

eVAL Customer Service:

E: eval@esd113.org
PH: 360.464.6736