eVAL 2.0 is here! As a web-based tool, it is designed to manage and document professional growth and evaluation.

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What does eVAL 2.0 do?

eVAL is an online tool that brings teachers and principals together to collaborate and discuss all aspects of professional growth and evaluation. It's primary features include:
  • Self-assessments
  • Goal-setting
  • Conducting and participating in observations
  • Managing artifacts and evidence
  • Managing summary data and reports

What else does eVAL 2.0 do?

Users will notice additional resources that promote quality discussions and meaningful explorations of instructional strategies that lead to changed instructional practice in the classroom:

  • A collection of 93 videos for exploring your instructional framework in the context of classroom instruction. View an online video that will show viewers how the new eVAL Video Library for can be used for hosting practice observation sessions, and participating in the annotation and scoring of the recorded lesson activity.
  • Protocols for exploring and analyzing classroom practice. View an online video that will show viewers how these protocols support the review, study and analysis of the online videos. View a different online video that will demonstrate how these protocols can be used to view, study, and analyze video vignettes of classroom lessons in a personal video session in eVAL.

We're very excited about eVAL 2.0 and the role it plays in supporting districts in the new evaluation system. For the past three years, 10,000+ Washington educators have used eVAL to support teacher and principal evaluations. Their feedback has led to important updates. Now ... eVAL 2.0 is more intuitive, safe and secure, and more closely aligned to authentic feedback practices. The site is physically secured, monitored 24 hours a day, and backed up continuously.

OSPI, the WEA, and ESD 113 continue to fund the development of eVAL. Among the many improvements planned throughout the year, you can expect to see expanded support for instructional frameworks, increased partnerships for evidence gathering, and increased usability on mobile devices.

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A Collaborative Partnership

Developed in partnership with the Washington Education Association, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Educational Service District 113, eVAL is:

  • A free resource used by more than 10,000 educators in 120 districts in the state of Washington;
  • Personalized for each district for their instructional and leadership frameworks, resources, and documents;
  • Voluntary for all districts, who can use as many or as few of eVAL features as they like (or none at all); and
  • Extremely secure, with limited physical and virtual access to its servers.

Your Contact for eVAL:

Kristina Wambold
Digital Learning Coach
Educational Service District 112
E: kristina.wambold@esd112.org 
P: 360.952.3393

eVAL Customer Service:

E: eval@esd113.org
P: 360.464.6736