Toddler Care

A child's development is undergoing rapid and exciting changes during the second and third year of life. Toddlers need care that provides opportunities to learn while practicing language, movement, problem solving, and socialization within safe, consistent routines and relationships.

What You Will See

toddler care
  • Toddlers are in constant motion! You will see them move through many play areas, changing toys and materials often. The room has specific play areas that include climbing devices, a quiet book area, low shelves with simple puzzles and manipulatives, a dramatic play area, and toddler sized tables and chairs.
  • Caregivers spend much of their day on the toddler's eye level. They facilitate the children's play choices while encouraging emerging language and social skills.
  • The daily schedule is organized around routines such as diapering, toileting, dressing, eating and napping. Caregivers utilize these routines to nurture learning and as relationship-building opportunities.
  • Toddlers learn from practicing their new skills. You will see them place items in containers over and over again. They love having familiar picture books read and shown to them several times a day. Toddlers learn language, motor and cognitive skills best through this kind of repetitive process.
  • You will see caregivers naming familiar objects, pictures and activities with toddlers throughout the day. "Jason, I see that you brought a red block and a baby doll to the table." This rich supply of new information and experiences becomes the early basis for later language, communication and literacy skills.
  • You will see toddlers move quickly from one activity to another. They sit only for short periods of time. Toddlers are discovering how much they can do when they have a safe place to work on newly acquired skills. They begin to trust themselves as learners when adults celebrate and support these accomplishments.

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