School Age Care

Children between the ages of 5—12 years in before and after school care represent a diverse group with a wide span of developmental differences. They often experience the challenge of a long day within a large group setting. School age care requires us to consider their individual needs for variety, special interests, relaxation, physical play activities, cooperative peer relationships and positive adult relationships.

What You Will See

learning with puzzles
  • The school age room is arranged into interest and activity areas. These include a comfortable quiet listening and reading area, table activities such as puzzles, games and craft projects, homework and study area, building and construction, food preparation and eating area, and places for special projects and activities.
  • Activities, games and projects are designed to support and enhance children's development in literacy, math, science and the creative arts.
  • Children are given consistent guidance in learning cooperation, conflict resolution and developing a sense of "shared community" within the group.
  • Support school to after school transition.
  • Homework support.
  • 10 weeks of summer camps.
  • Use creative curriculum to support the growth and development of our children.
  • When you see children engaged in developmentally appropriate board games, they are learning about adding, subtracting, sequencing, following rules and cooperative planning.
  • When you see a child working on an art or craft project, they are learning to plan and organize their ideas, use a variety of tools and media and experience the joy of seeing their creative efforts emerge!
  • When you see adults and children engaged in conversation, the children are learning that they are cared for with individual ideas and emotions that are valued! "Jason, tell me about the science project you were working on in school today." "Mary, I'm sorry to hear about the argument you had with Suzy on the playground today. What do you think are some ways you and Suzy can resolve this problem?"

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