Preschool Care

The preschooler, usually referred to as a child between the ages of 3—5 years, continues to develop rapidly in all areas of development. Preschoolers need an environment that provides a rich variety of physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language experiences. A child’s positive and supportive relationships with adults continue to be key to healthy development.

What You Will See

preschool learning
  • The Preschool Room is divided into activity areas such as building and blocks, dramatic play, arts and crafts, books and puzzles, and manipulatives. This division creates an opportunity for children to focus and explore the various aspects of their development and interests.
  • The daily routine is designed to provide varied social and developmental experiences. These routines include small group activities, snacks and meals, special projects, quiet rest time, outside play, and multiple times throughout the day for children to make play choices within the interest areas around the room.
  • Adults provide consistent and safe opportunities for children to learn how to be members of a group. Learning how to develop friendships, manage conflicts, share space and play materials, and cooperate within a diverse group are some of the critical elements of early social learning.
  • When you see a child “playing” you actually see the practice of emerging learning skills in formation. These may include constructing, classifying, measuring, designing, comparing, improvising, organizing, and communicating to name a few!
  • When you see children making choices of where to play in the room, they are learning early decision making and self management skills essential to later school and social success.
  • When you see children engaged in group circle activities with books, songs and discussion, they are practicing learning, listening, communication, cooperation, and early literacy skills.

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