Infant Care Program

Infants need attentive caregivers that provide consistent daily routines, developmental stimulation, and above all, highly responsive one-on-one relationships throughout the day.

What You Will See

  • Daily routines are designed around the individual feeding, diapering, and sleeping schedule of each infant. Caregivers include many learning opportunities within these routines by talking with each infant, playing simple one-on-one games and encouraging emerging skills throughout the day.
  • The room is designed so that play spaces, individual cribs, the diapering area, and eating are area easily monitored by caregivers. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities.
  • Children may spend several hours a day with us. Toys and materials are rotated often to ensure maximum interest and developmental appropriateness.


  • When an infant and caregiver are playing together (peek-a-boo, cooing, singing, or imitation games), the child is learning the essential roots of language and communication.
  • When the infant is given soft, colorful toys to reach for, chew on and manipulate, she is learning early hand-eye coordination and problemsolving skills.
  • When infants are placed on soft mats and blankets with colorful objects around them, they are practicing their new motor skills such as rolling, sitting and crawling.

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Southwest Washington Child Care Consortium has been named child care winner of the Best of Clark County ! Congratulations to our hard-working staff for this reader-selected vote of confidence.