Science Kits for Grades 6-8

For each kit, an NGSS Transition Support Document has been created. This guide is intended to provide you with ideas on how best to build student capacity to work as a scientist or engineer using the Science and Engineering Practices; on how best to think about the learning by engaging students in using the Crosscutting Concepts; and all while engaging in the content ideas that already exist within this instructional material. To access the Transition Support Document for each kit, click on the kit title.

NGSS Support Guides Intro Video

This short video gives an overview of the development and use of the NGSS Transition Support Guides available for ESD112 Science Materials beginning in the Fall of 2015.

Kits and Supporting Materials
Life Science Earth Science Physical Science

Diversity of Life

Planetary Science


Populations and Ecosystems

Earth History

Properties of Matter

Human Body Systems

Catastrophic Events

Energy, Machines and Motion