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Mixtures and Solutions of FOSS Physical Students investigate basic concepts of chemistry-properties of mixtures and solutions, dissolving a solid in a solvent, concentration and saturation of a solution, evidence of chemical reaction, evaporation, and crystal formation. Students gain experience with laboratory tools and techniques.

Variables of FOSS Physical
Students engage in scientific inquiry. They identify and control variables and conduct controlled experiments using several multivariable systems: pendulums, airplanes, boats and catapults. They observe and compare the outcomes of experiments, identify relationships between independent and dependent variables, graph relationships and make predictions using the results of their experiments.

Stories In Stone of GEMS Earth

Standards Alignment
Stories Kit Inventory

Students investigate the main processes that lead to the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Working with a set of ten rock and mineral samples teams of students learn the distinction between rocks and minerals, classify the samples, and attempt to classify "mystery rocks." Students observe formation of salt crystals and make models of several crystal shapes. Unique clay modeling activities with geological narratives provide students with "hands-on" insight into the rock cycle and plate tectonics.