Science Kit FAQ

Q: When do science kits come to my room?

Find your school district and building delivery schedule. In general:
Kits arrive at School Kits return to STEM Materials Center
Late August - just before school starts Mid November
Mid December - just before Christmas break Early March
Late March - just before spring break Mid June

Q: What if kit parts get broken?

E: Serena Decator
P: 360.952.3434

E: Shannon Foley
P: 360.952.3426

There is a bag for broken/worn/damaged parts. If a part comes broken contact us for a replacement.

Q: Do I really have to inventory all the parts in each kit?

Yes. Student or parent helpers can make this task easier. The STEM Materials Center staff inventory every kit before the next rotation which means checking close to half a million parts in a three week period. The more organized you and other teachers return kits the more likely you receive a complete and organized kit in the next rotation.

When is professional development for science?

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Initial kit training is generally each summer (August) and during the winter (December). Inquiry, Reading and Writing integration is by building request or along with summer classes.

Q: Who is the Science Leadership Teacher (SLT) I hear you talk about?

The Science Leadership Teacher is the 'science champion' in each building that helps communicate science information and opportunities to that building. Use them to be a first line to ask questions, provide us with feedback or to get help in general.

Q: What is FOSS?

FOSS = Full Option Science System

The FOSS project began over 20 years ago during at time of growing concern that our nation was not providing young students with an adequate science education. The best way for students to appreciate the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific concepts, and develop the ability to think critically is to actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations and analyses.

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Contact for Help:

Science Liaison (SLT): Found in your building, this person is the most accessible 'go to' person

Grade Level Team: Ask a grade level team member who has already been trained for assistance.

STEM Materials Center Staff:

Vickei Hrdina at ESD 112
Stacy Meyer at ESD 112
Serena Decator at ESD 112
Shannon Foley at ESD 112

Training Questions:

Niki Johnston at ESD 112