Science Kit Services, Schedule & Delivery

Science Kit Services

The SMC provides science kits to grades K through 8, focusing primarily on K through 6. Each grade level receives three kits per year to cover three basic science strands: physical, earth and life. Supplemental kits are available for further study of these and other disciplines, such as astronomy, the environment and technology.

Kit adoption is determined by a team of lead science teachers, administrators and business and community leaders with a commitment to science education. FOSS (Full Option Science System) - a series of nationally recognized science kits developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley - and STC (Science, Technology and Children) Middle School are the predominant choices.

Science Kit Schedule

Science kits are distributed on a schedule so that every class in a given school is studying the same strand of science at the same time. Ideally, science kits are used three times each school year, thus maximizing utilization of investments in kits.

The kit rotation schedule is designed so that a kit spends a minimum of eight weeks in classrooms and minimum of 20 working days in the SMC for replenishment. The kit replenishment schedule is staggered so that transportation and replenishment of kits do not cause production bottlenecks.

Materials Sources

Science materials come from a variety of sources including Delta Education, Carolina Biological, Niles Biological, Mt Home Biological, KCDA Purchasing Cooperative, Nasco, and Flinn Scientific. Local vendors include Fred Meyer, PetSmart and United Grocer.

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Kit Transportation

Science kit distribution and pickup for school buildings is facilitated by the SMC. Science kits are staged (prepared for delivery) by school district, school building, science strand (physical, earth, and life) and kit title. Kits are delivered / picked up by a contract carrier to each individual building. Science kits weight from 20 to 40 pounds each. The SMC has over 1,600 science kits in stock.


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