Life Science Critters

Many of the science kits in the Life Science strand suggest using critters to engage students in active inquiry.

Alternatively, teachers can have their students collect insects and other critters from the local environment. To do so, please carefully read this statement on Responsible Use of Live Animals in the Classroom.

Critters should not be released into the wild. You may use the courier service to return your critters to Serena Decator at the ESD 112 Science Center when you are finished, just package them up in their original containers and mark them for ESD 112 Science Center (please do not return the critters inside the kits). Teachers wishing to keep the critters in their classroom may, but will need to provide their own habitat.

Serena Decator, our critter lady, raises many of the critters we provide for your classrooms such as Mealworms, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and Walking Sticks. If you are interested in using these organisms, please contact Serena directly.

If you have any questions or special requests please contact:
Serena Decator