Science Leadership Network

The mission of the Science Liaison Teacher program is to enhance science knowledge and practice in every building across the ESD112 region. Their goal is to significantly impact science teaching and learning, and ultimately increase student achievement in science.

General Responsibility:

To liaise with the Regional Science Coordinator and support on-going professional learning for all teachers who teach science in their building.

Goals and Requirements:

  1. Provide input to the LASER Alliance leadership on the implementation of the science kits in their district.
  2. Provide information in regards to the professional development needs of teachers in their district.
  3. Act as a conduit to share science related information from the ESD with the teachers in their building.
  4. Serve as a science advocate within their building and district.
  5. Assist district leadership in planning and implementing their district science plan.
  6. Serve as a science teacher leader within the Alliance, attending SLT professional development, and then coordinating these professional development offerings within their district. (e.g. NGSS updates and transition plan, formative assessment, advanced science notebook strategies, etc.)

Science Liaison Teachers must be recommended and endorsed by their building principal. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Vickei Hrdina, Regional Science Coordinator.