Regional Math Services

Regional Math Coordinators at each ESD are part of a statewide system developed to improve instruction and increase student achievement in mathematics. This program has been funded by the Washington State Legislature since 2008. You can learn more about each area of service in the menu on the right.

Thanks to efforts in 2013, Washington State's Regional Math Coordinators provided intensive training and support to 6,354 teachers from across the state. Of the 295 school districts, teachers in 91% of the districts were supported.

Statewide activities include:

  • Provide timely updates on state and local initiatives
  • Work with teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators sharing resources and best practices
  • Link pre-K-12 educators, higher education, business and community
  • Provide regional professional development

Through the support I received

from the ESD Math Coordinator, my students have become more intentional in their approach to problem solving. Students attend to the task at a deeper level and are able to sustain their attention for longer periods of time. I am seeing great results on assessments.

- 4th Grade Teacher in Eastern Washington