The ESD 112 Special Education ESA was formed in 1972.This ESA is comprised of districts that have joined together to pool resources.We offer extended services through the special education component of school improvement.The ESD 112 Special Education ESA provides special education services in 29 member districts.

ESD 112 Special Education ESA Members

Meeting Special Needs

The ESA 112 Special Education ESA provides special education services to children with disabilities in 26 member districts across the region and state. The ESA is unique in Washington State, providing all special education services including planning, delivering, monitoring, evaluating, and supervising specially designed programs to meet the needs of children identified with disabilities.

The ESA hires highly qualified professionals and supervises all special education staff including all teachers, paraeducators, coordinators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, and school psychologists, as well as budgeting and expending resources for member districts. The ESA operates programs that are consistent with school district and building goals and provides focused knowledge and expertise in research-based, best practices in special education.

Member Districts

Southwest Washington North Central Washington Northwest Washington
Green Mountain
Mill A
Mt. Pleasant
Naselle-Grays River Valley
Ocean Beach
Toutle Lake
Trout Lake
White Salmon
Methow Valley
Lake Quinault

ESA Advisory Committee Members 2017-18

Region Committee Member
Outside Region
At Large
Inside Region
Inside Region
At Large
Rich DuBois, Chair, Lake Quinalt School District
Doug Johnson - Dayton School District
Lisa Nelson - Naselle School District
Jerry Lewis - White Salmon School District
Andrew Kelly - Lyle School District

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ESA Services Include

  • Designing a program consistent with building and/or district goals
  • Hiring and supervising special education staff
  • Identifying eligible students
  • Budgeting and expending resources for schools in participating districts

The ESA strives to ensure appropriate special education for all children with disabilities in all member districts. A continuum of services gives parents in our rural schools a full range of options from home services to out-of-district placements, if and when needed.


The cooperative began furnishing itinerant services in 1972. With the addition of classroom services in 1984, ESD 112 became a direct service district for participating resident districts in Southwest Washington and extending the cooperative's benefits to include:

  • More flexible, effective and efficient use of staff and other resources
  • All member districts, regardless of size or rural location, have equal access to all services
  • It's a guarantee - all children receive services
  • No single member takes the full cost of an expensive placement since all costs are shared
  • Members receive administrative service without the addition of extra duties to a principal or hiring a special education administrator
  • Legal and technical expertise available to members at any time


The ESA is governed by an elected chair and represenative five-member executive advisory committee comprised of participating districts' superintendents. Although districts agree to pool their fiscal resources and share in staff, materials and resources, all members receive services based on needs, not a pro rata portion of their contributions.

Contact Us

ESA Regional Assistant Directors
Phone: 360.952.3516

Connie Salzman, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 360.952.3516