ESIT - Clark County

ESD 112 is the Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Local Lead Agency for Clark County. 

ESIT Clark County Local Lead Agency offers free screenings for all children 0-3 years old and an informational meeting;for parents with a Family Resources Coordinator. Families learn about Early Intervention services and then choose between two providers in Clark County:Educational Services District 112, or Innovative Services NW.

For a free screening, please call 360.750.7507.

Doctors and Referral Sources: Please download an ESIT Referral Form and fax all referrals to the Confidential Fax Number: 360.906.1010.

Download a copy of the Clark County Early Intervention Provider Brochure

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Educational Services District 112

ESD 112 Early Intervention Program has been serving children and families for over 25 years. Our Early Intervention Specialists work with families to evaluate and create a plan to support their child's development.

  • Partnerships between the family and intervention staff are valued
  • Intervention teams may include: Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, Early Intervention Educators, and Early Intervention Specialists.
  • Services occur where the child lives, learns and plays and involves the parents as primary caregivers to embrace the entire family
  • Familiar environments provide more opportunities for practice and generalization of skills.
  • Family involvement is a core value of our program as we believe you are a vital part of your child's educational team.
  • Program is individualized for each child and family
  • Provides year round services for each child and family

Innovative Services NW

Innovative Services Northwest

Innovative Services NW Pediatric Therapy has a 30 year proven track record of delivering quality Early Intervention Services to infants and toddlers in Clark County in a full service facility which also provides access to on-site childcare, a family resource center and other related services.

  • Multi-disciplinary evaluation teams including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists as well as Masters-level Early Education Specialists
  • Evaluations in home and/or clinic
  • Direct services delivered by licensed, Masters-level professional in the natural environment of the child.
  • Services provided on a year round schedule
  • Parent Education through one-on-one treatment
  • Specialty Services including orthotics and equipment fitting, sensory integration, feeding, therapeutic listening, aquatics and incontinence programs
  • Access to on-going Private Therapy in outpatient clinic through age 18
  • Services to children in all Clark County school districts