Audiological Services

ESD 112 Audiology Department serves 29 school districts in six counties in Southwest Washington for the following services:

  • Audiometric assessments for accurate testing of children birth to 21 years old.  
  • » Age 18-21 years old need to be enrolled in school.
  • Amplification for children and follow up services as needed.
  • Communication with districts, parents, doctors, and outside agencies.
  • Connect parents with support and counseling services.
  • Assists with the location of funding sources for parents and schools for hearing-related equipment.

Hearing Impaired Services

Contact Jennifer Lootens (information provided in right sidebar) for the following services:

  • Classroom help for hearing impaired students
  • » Observations and evaluations
  • Consultation to teachers, staff  and parents
  • Equipment monitoring

Facts on Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss affects 12,000 children born in the United States each year, making it the most common birth defect. Children with hearing loss who begin early intervention services at a young age have significantly better developmental outcomes than similar children who begin intervention later. Most children with hearing loss who receive appropriate services from trained staff are able to progress at age-appropriate rates.