Smarter Balanced Resources

Welcome to your ESD 112 Smarter Balanced page! We’ve done some sleuthing to provide only those materials our districts found most helpful in communicating about Smarter Balanced. We hope it will assist you in your efforts to serve families, school boards and community groups.

Super Simple Parent Fliers

Part of what we should aspire to is to allow kids to face challenges. The solution is to implement a better assessment. It raises our sights and gives us a fair measure of how students are progressing—allowing them to get help if needed or accelerate if merited.

Kelso 3rd-graders took the Smarter Balanced Assessment and gave it two thumbs up! Way to go, Kelso students!

This page is a work in progress. Please feel free to share your own Smarter Balanced materials and we’ll continue to host the information. Feel free to download, personalize and use any of the materials you find will work in your community. For support, contact any one of our ESD 112 team members:

Math Content:
Molly Daley, Math Coordinator
ELA Content:
Effie Triol, ELA Coordinator
ELA Content:
Marilyn Melville Irvine, ELA Coordinator
SBAC Communications Materials:
Lori Oberheide, Executive Director
Mary Mertz, Associate Superintendent
Student and School Success:
Kathy Whitlock, Executive Director