School Success

Principle 6

Establish a Safe Learning Environment

Beginning Educator Support (Principle 4, 6)
-Professional development for first-third year teachers and their mentors on instructional frameworks, high yield strategies, Common Core Standards, differentiation, classroom management and more.
Contact: Mike Esping

PBIS Support (Principle 6)
-Support for developing or refining a PBIS system in schools.
Contact: Kathy Whitlock

Student Assistance: Prevention/Intervention Specialist Services (Principle 6)
-Direct services to students and their families for alcohol and other drug, violence and dropout prevention and education.
Contact: Deb Drandoff

Threat Assessment Services (Principle 6)
-Coordinated professional response services for assessment of student threats –currently available only in Clark County.
Contact: Deb Drandoff

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