School Success

Principle 4

Improve Instructional Program

Instructional Framework Support (Principle 1, 2, 4)
-Regional support to deepen the understanding of the three instructional frameworks.
Contact: Mike Esping

Math, Science, ELA Leadership Networks (Principle 1, 2, 4)
-Supporting teacher leaders through a network for each of the content areas to build capacity in districts, including CCSS, K-4 struggling readers and Next Generation Science Standards.  Meeting 3-5 times per year.
Contact: ELA – Effie Triol | Math – Molly Daley | Science – Stacy Meyer

Common Core Implementation (Principle 2, 4)
-Professional Learning offered regionally or onsite from awareness to full implementation on ELA and Mathematics CCSS.
Contact: ELA - Effie Triol | Math - Molly Daley

ELL Services (Principle 2, 4)
Services to support ELL achievement including resources, professional development, systems analysis. 
Contact: Effie Triol

Beginning Educator Support (Principle 4, 6)
-Professional development for first-third year teachers and their mentors on instructional frameworks, high yield strategies, Common Core Standards, differentiation, classroom management and more.
Contact: Mike Esping

Content Specialist Support in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Early Learning and Instructional Technology (Principle 4)
-Customized content specific technical assistance, professional development and coaching services.
Contact: ELA – Effie Triol | Math – Molly Daley | Science – Stacy Meyer |
Early Childhood – Jodi Wall | Technology – Kristina Wambold & Katherine Livick

Technical Assistance for instructional programs (Principle 4, 5)
-Support for district, as requested, to support instructional programs.
Contact: Kathy Whitlock


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