Regional Transportation Video Library

There are over 200 video and DVD titles available for check out to Region 1 (ESD 112 and ESD 113)  school district transportation programs for school bus driver trainings, meetings, refreshers, or for student classroom instruction. 

A Leader's Guide, test questions, and certificates are available for many of the new titles upon request. Some of these include:

  1. "Advanced Techniques for Special Ed Drivers"
    perfect video to introduce new special ed bus drivers to the challenges of working with physically and mentally handicapped students. This is a hands on look at what special ed drivers face in the field.
  2. "Pre-Trip Inspection of the School Bus"
    This video uses narrated scenes with training officers and driver candidates learning the topic on a school bus.The content is clear and easy to understand and will demonstrate the details of a Pre-Trip Inspection Check  including:  gauges and switches; 1st exterior check of the bus; interior of the bus; 2nd exterior check; mirrors; brake tests.
  3. "Everything Mirrors and the School Bus"
    This video will demonstrate how drivers rely on the component parts of a bus, including the mirrors to be safe.   The video is divided up into 3 parts:   Part 1:  The Basics of Mirrors and Their Zones; Part 2:  Mirror Vision Exercises;Part 3:  Recognizing Blind Spots and Additional Issues
  4. "How to Control Bullying on the School Bus"
    This video will show bus drivers the decisive and important role they play in preventing bullying on the bus. The video is shown in three parts:  Part I - Preventative Techniques;  Part 2 - The School Bus Consequence Plan;  Part 3 - Student Feedback;  Part 4 - The Team Effort;  Part 5 - Early Warning Signs

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Download the pdf file to view all library titles, read a brief summary, and note the duration of each presentation.

Regional Transportation Video Library

To check out any video, please contact Cherrie Williams at ESD 112. In your request, please include the video number and title, your name, address, email, phone, and the date the video needed. All videos are available for a two week check out to Region 1 (ESD 112 and 113 school districts). If needed for longer than two weeks, please indicate how long you need the video.

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