Driver Instructor Inservice Classes

Washington State school bus driver instructors are required to complete a yearly inservice training class in order to maintain their authorization. These classes are offered in numerous locations across the state each spring. School bus driver instructors must verify continued compliance to chapter 392.144 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

Select 2018 Classes by Region

Registration for School Bus Driver Instructor Inservice Classes for 2018 will open on March 1, 2018.  The 2018-19 inservice schedule will be posted below by Region beginning February 2018.

Region 1 (ESD 112 and 113)
Region 2 (ESD 114 and 121)
Region 3 (ESD 189)
Region 4 (ESD 105, 123, and 171)
Region 5 (ESD 101)


Online registration begins  March 1,  2018  for School Bus Driver Instructor Inservice Classes.

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Training Materials

Training materials and publications for school bus driver and instructor  inservice trainings are available on a variety of topics online by clicking on the "Lesson Plans Library" link shown on this page under "Related Pages" at the top of the right side bar.