Student Entry Guide

Quest does not have open enrollment, but rather students access us through a process hosted by the school where the child currently attends. Students identified for the program will receive support and assistance designed to help them improve their academic and social skills, develop more appropriate behavioral controls and increase self-esteem.

New Student Roadmap

Our New Student Roadmap illustrates the 3-week process for an identified student to become enrolled at quest:

Week 1

The Director of Special Services (of the district in which the student attends) contacts Quest.

  • Completes ReQuest for Consult
  • Has parent sign Mutual Exchange of Information between sending district and Quest

The following items are sent to Quest:

  • Current evaluation
  • Current and comprehensive IEP
  • Current data and interventions
  • Current transcript and schedule
  • Vital Documents from student Cumulative District file

Once all documents have been received:

  • Quest will observe of the student in his/her current location; then a debrief meeting with sending school staff will occur
  • Quest will conduct an internal review of all records and observation information

Week 2

Quest Transition Specialist contacts Special Education Director

  • The date is set for the Review of Records meeting

Review of Records Meeting with:

  • Special Education Director
  • Sending School Psychologist
  • Sending School Counselor/Registrar
  • Quest Director, Lead Coach and Transition Specialist

Enrollment timeframe is shared – should the IEP Team determine Quest as the service provider.

Staffing with Sending Team

  • Share/review student information
  • Schedule student observation(s)
  • Schedule student’s start date
  • Schedule intake meeting and confirm start date with family

Week 3

Intake Meeting

  • Held with family and both Quest and sending staff
  • Student tour of Quest is confirmed
  • Start date is again confirmed
  • Sending district confirms transportation
  • All paperwork is confirmed

Student tours Quest and meets with staff

Student begins attending Quest

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We are thrilled to be able to provide this level of support for students in Cowlitz County. The setting and program model at the Quest Academy will help ensure greater success for these students.

- Glenn Gelbrich, Kelso Superintendent