Southwest Washington Workers' Compensation Trust (SWWCT)

The Southwest Washington Workers' Compensation Trust provides industrial injury accident insurance coverage for its membership. An agreement to form a pooling arrangement was made pursuant to the provisions of RCW 39.34, the Interlocal Cooperation Act and RCW 51.14, Industrial Insurance, Self-Insurance.

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The Trust was formed January 1, 1983 when school districts in southwest Washington joined together by signing an Interlocal Governmental Agreement to pool their self-insured losses and jointly purchase insurance and administrative services. Twenty-nine school districts and the Educational Service District 112 have joined the Trust.

The Trust is an Enterprise Fund established for the purpose of providing group self-funding, group purchase of excess insurance, claims control and risk management for industrial injury accident liabilities of its members.

The Trust is fully funded by its member participants. Educational Service District 112 Insurance Programs staff perform claims handling services for the Trust.

The Southwest Washington Workers' Compensation Trust is governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of one designated representative from each participating member, with delegated authority to a five member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for conducting the business affairs of the Trust.

To Report a Workers Compensation Claim please call the ESD 112 Workers’ Compensation Department at 800-749-5861 or 360-750-7504.

Key points for Employers:

  • Complete an Employee Incident Report
  • If medical attention is required, have the employee call ESD 112 to report the injury
  • Investigate the accident
  • Send the completed Employee Incident Report to ESD 112
  • Keep ESD 112 informed about the employee’s medical status and employment status

Key points for Employees:

  • Inform your supervisor of any on the job injury or occupational disease
  • Complete an Employee Incident Report
  • If you receive medical attention, call ESD 112 to report your injury
  • Keep your supervisor and ESD 112 informed about your medical status after each appointment