Southwest Washington Unemployment Compensation Pool (SWUCP)

The Southwest Washington Unemployment Compensation Pool provides inexpensive unemployment compensation self-insurance to its membership. An agreement to form a pooling arrangement for Unemployment Compensation Insurance was made pursuant to the provisions of RCW 39.34, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, and RCW 50.44, Unemployment Compensation.

The Pool was formed January 1, 1978, when school districts in the southwest area of the State of Washington joined together by signing a Cooperative Pool Account Agreement to self-fund their unemployment compensation losses. Southwest Washington Unemployment Compensation Pool is an Enterprise Fund established for the purpose of providing group self-funding, hearings support and risk management services for the unemployment compensation claim made against the membership.

The claimant employee submits his/her claim to the State of Washington Employment Security Department, who in turn contacts the Pool to respond to the claim on behalf of the employer Pool member district. The Pool reimburses the State of Washington for the unemployment claims paid against the member district's account.

A Board of Directors governs the Pool, which is comprised of one designated represented from each participating member, with delegated authority to a five member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for conducting the business affairs of the Pool.

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