Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative (SWRMIC)

The Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative (Risk Cooperative) provides property and casualty insurance coverages for its membership.

RCW 48.62.011, provides the exclusive source of local government entity authority to individually or jointly self-insure risks, jointly purchase insurance or reinsurance, and to contract for risk management, claims, and administrative services. An agreement to form a pooling arrangement was made pursuant to the provisions of RCW 39.34, the Interlocal Cooperation Act.

SWRMIC Mission, Vision, and Values


The Cooperative’s mission is to support member districts by providing long-term protection from financial loss through proactive prevention and high quality risk management response, programs and services.


In partnership with ESD 112, the members of the Risk Cooperative’s vision is to exercise self-determination in handling its risk management through proactive, high quality loss control and claims management services, with minimal reliance on the insurance marketplace.

  • Timely response and accessibility of staff
  • Knowledgeable staff who understands and responds to member district needs
  • Stability as demonstrated by the long-term commitment to the partnership by member districts
  • Timely presentation of rates (by May 1st)
  • Risk Cooperative acts as a resource to districts for guidance on how to reduce risks
  • Transparency in communication (so no surprises) to set stable rates (less fluctuation)
  • Responsive to individual district needs
  • There is value in working together to prevent losses


The Risk Cooperative was formed September 1986 when school districts in southwest Washington State joined together through an Interlocal Governmental Agreement to self insure, self administer and group purchase excess insurance to cover their losses. Thirty school districts, the Educational Service District 112, the KWRL Transportation Cooperative and the Washington Schools Information Processing Cooperative belong to the Risk Cooperative.

The Risk Cooperative is an Enterprise Fund established for the purpose of providing claims handling and risk management for property and casualty liabilities to its membership through group funding. The risk Cooperative provides the following forms of group purchased insurance coverage for its members: property, vehicle and mobile equipment physical damage, equipment breakdown, crime, electronic data processing equipment, and general liability, automobile liability, employment practices liability, errors and omissions liability and statutorily required bonds.

The Risk Cooperative is fully funded by its member participants. Claims are filed by members with the Educational Service District 112, which is contracted to perform claims adjustment services for the Cooperative.

The Risk Cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of one designated represented from each participating member, with delegated authority to a five member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for conducting the business affairs of the Cooperative.

How to file a claim

Notice of any claim or occurrence likely to give rise to a claim shall be given to the Risk Cooperative in writing immediately upon notice to the member district. The notice should identify the District, the time, place and circumstances of the occurrence or wrongful act, the nature and extent of any property loss, names and addresses of injured or involved person(s) and all witnesses. In addition, the member district shall immediately forward to the Risk Cooperative every demand, notice, summons or other process received by the member district or any of its representatives.

For more information, contact Jeff Boydston, Property/Casualty Claims Adjuster at Jeff Boydston or call 360.750.7504.

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Benefits of Membership

Local control. Regional support. That's the key to successful cooperatives and school services. By working together, districts are able to leverage financial and operational resources to provide high quality and efficient programs. The ESD 112 Risk Cooperative is one example of this successful concept.

Member services 

The Risk Cooperative is pleased to offer these services at no additional cost to its members:

  • Pre-loss attorney consultation
  • Administrator consultations