Risk Assessment Survey


At least 4.5 million students are subject to sexual misconduct at sometime between kindergarten and high school graduation. Across the nation there has been an increase in the frequency and severity of sexual abuse claims. These claims arise out of both student-to-student and staff-to-student contact and continue to be one of the most significant areas of concern in providing safe learning environments. Allegations of sexual abuse can devastate not only the students involved, but also their friends, families, district staff, and the entire school community. They often decimate the public trust that school districts have spent years establishing and can leave school districts facing significant federal sanctions separate from civil claims.

The survey will lead members through a gap analysis of their district’s policies, procedures and protocols for the prevention, recognition, and response to sexual abuse. The RAS starts at the level of policy review and implementation, then focuses on your district’s supervision practices (including high risk activities), identifies vulnerabilities during transition periods giving potential offenders access to students, addresses training practices, and finishes with a focus on meeting critical key federal obligations.

The Risk Cooperative  staff look forward to partnering with you, our members, to reduce and ultimately eliminate sexual misconduct and sexual abuse in our schools. Please know that if you have questions or need guidance, our staff are here to support and work with you.

The materials are a collection of best practices and resources, assembled to provide your district with assistance through the process of developing your district’s own unique policies and procedures. The information provided is not intended to replace professional legal advice.


Sexual Abuse in Schools: Prevention and Protection Risk Assessment Survey (RAS) 2016-2017