Insurance Programs

The following cooperatives, trusts, and pools comprise the Insurance Programs Department of Educational Service District 112's School & Agency Operations. ​ESD 112 acts as the fiscal agent for the following programs:

Southwest Washington Risk Management Insurance Cooperative
  • Provides Property and Liability Insurance Coverage for member districts.
Southwest Washington Workers' Compensation Trust
  • Provides Industrial Accident Insurance Coverage for member districts.
Southwest Washington Unemployment Compensation Pool
  • Provides Unemployment Compensation Insurance for member districts.
Risk Control/Safety
  1. Provides consultation services to member school districts relating to equipment, facilities, student, and employee matters.
  2. Educational Service District 112 assists member school districts in the group purchase of insurance coverage for:
Columbia River Gorge Employee Health Purchasing Cooperative
  • Provides Health Insurance for member school district employees.

insurance programs overview brochure

In the mid-1980s, the insurance marketplace was in the midst of financial crisis, and the insurance industry largely abandoned the public sector. Schools experienced non-renewal or cancellation of their insurance policies, or large increases in premiums. Out of this crisis, public entity pooling was born. As public entities faced funding their own losses, these agencies placed tremendous emphasis on safety, risk control, and risk reduction.

Educational Service District 112’s Insurance Programs support their member districts by providing stable, long-term protection from financial loss through high quality, cost-effective risk management programs, and through partnering with member districts to self-insure, self-administer, and group purchase excess insurance coverage.

Insurance Programs Brochure

Why outside facility users need insurance

facility users insurance brochure

In addition to the district’s primary mission of educating students, a district also has duties to protect its property and to protect the district’s financial assets.

District facilities are often used for non-district activities after regular school hours. Criteria is established for the use of district facilities for these other activities in order to minimize the risk and potential for loss from such use. The use of district facilities beyond the established educational programs of the district may be granted to responsible persons, groups or organizations as community, cultural or recreational centers for purposes of entertainment, personal development and civic welfare. The district, in granting an outside user permission to use district facilities, establishes reasonable, non-discriminatory criteria that will be met before granting permission to use the facility in its building usage policy. Use will be in accordance with the policies, procedures and rules established by the district, and appropriate laws.

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