Meet Our Google Experts

The DigitalBug program at Educational Service District 112 is proud to have experts on staff who can assist school districts on the use and integration of Google Apps for Education. We invite you to meet our staff.

Kristina Wambold

 Google for Education Certified Trainer
P: 360.952.3393

Kristina is the Digital Learning Coach for ESD 112, and is a Google for Education Certified  Trainer and Certified Adobe Education Trainer. She specializes in providing professional development to educators on using G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and other emerging and engaging technologies effectively in the classroom.


Katherine Livick


Certified Google Administrator
Google for Education Certified Trainer
P: 360.952.3395

Katherine is the Professional Development Manager for Digital Learning at ESD 112. She is a Google Certified Administrator and manages ESD 112’s GAFE training domain. She's also a Google for Education Certified Trainer who trains district personnel on best practices for managing and using G Suite for Education in an educational setting, as well as providing general technology integration training.


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Why Hire a Certified Trainer?

By hiring a certified trainer, your organization is assured of receiving quality professional development for your staff!


Our Google for Education Certified Trainers undergo a rigorous certification process to acquire the skills in order to provide you the best training possible. They are required to provide evidence that they are skilled, knowledgeable and confident as trainers, and that they meet Google’s standards for certification. Our expert trainers have successfully fulfilled the requirements of Google’s certification process, which includes:

  1. Completion of the Trainer Essentials Exams (Gmail, Calendar, Sites, Docs, and Drive) plus at least one elective course (Chrome Browser, Chromebooks, Google Play for Education or Android Tablets for Education)
  2. Successful application to the Certified Trainer Program  (at least two years of Google training experience, three references, a training style video and training strategy case study)
  3. Ongoing completion of requirements to remain eligible for Trainer certification (passing exams every 18 months, delivery of at least three professional development courses per quarter, collection/submission of data and reports on training activities, professional contributions to Trainer resources)
Our Google Certified Trainers bring many benefits to your school or district, including:
  1. Experience with presenting Google tools to a wide range of audiences
  2. A deep understanding of how Google's tools can help create systemic change for teachers and learners
  3. Training resources to use throughout the school year
  4. Direct access to a cohort of all certified trainers
  5. Up-to-date information directly from Google
Contact us today to discuss how our Certified Trainers can help you move your district forward!

Additional Information

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Fees for districts and organizations within ESD 112's service region

For districts in ESD 112’s service region, the contractual fees for workshops listed on this web site are charged at a rate of $1,325 per day for the first ten days. Beginning with the eleventh day of professional development or coaching, the rate is reduced to $925 per day. Please Note: Rates effective September 1, 2016 and subject to change. Due to the extensive travel required to serve some locations, rates may vary based on actual travel expenses.

Fees for districts outside of ESD 112's service region

The contractual fees for workshops listed on this web site are charged at a rate of $1,500 per day for districts outside of ESD 112’s region, plus reimbursement for actual program travel expenses. For organizations that want consecutive days of training, the cost is $1,500 for the first two days, and then $1,350 per day after that, plus reimbursement for actual travel expenses. Workshop fees may vary, based on the degree of customization desired, your location, the number of consecutive days desired at a single location, and other pertinent factors. Please Note: Rates effective September 1, 2016 and subject to change.

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To ensure a quality experience for participants, our hands-on workshops are limited to no more than 24 participants.

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Clock hours are available for all workshops, and are provided by Educational Service District 112. Clock hours are an additional fee.

To schedule professional development for your school, district or agency

Because of the high demand for our workshops, you are encouraged to talk to one of the Digital Bug experts as soon as possible to get on their calendar.