Literacy Program Information

Smarter Balanced Assessment System
Content focused support on the Smarter Balanced Assessment System can be delivered to support teachers and administrators.  Training can also be provided on the exploration and uses of the SBAC Digital Library.

Reading Foundations
Do you want your teachers to have the opportunity to add to their knowledge about foundations of reading and instruction through the lens of assessment?  Workshops that provide an overview of early literacy concepts and practices which demonstrate the use of assessment data to make instructional decisions can be tailored to your district’s needs.  Information includes formative assessment, strategies supporting the foundational standards, differences in code-based and meaning-based instruction, and supporting our most struggling readers.

Reading Standards and Instructional ELA Shifts
Training can be provided on the three ELA shifts, 1) Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction   2) Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literacy and informational   3) Regular practice with complex text and its academic language

Reading Systems Analysis
District or site-based teams will complete a review of the curriculum, assessment, instruction, and intervention components of their reading system.  This process uses evidence-based practice, district data, and a tiered intervention approach. This process will provide evidence of strengths and opportunities for growth. Analysis and prioritization provide focus for future action planning.

Reading Adoptions
We support district teams with their reading adoptions by providing facilitation and consultation services using for evaluating the alignment of instructional and assessment materials to the Washington State Learning Standards.