Elementary DMC Resources

Here are a few starting points for young students. Some may be more appropriate for classrooms with many devices; others will work well for the one-computer classroom. Enjoy exploring the many resources at your disposal!

World Book Online:

  • Early World of Learning for grades P-2 - leveled readers and age-appropriate research on a variety of topics
  • World Book Kids for grades 3-5 - research starting points, maps, science projects, comparison tool
  • Timelines—students can create their own or view pre-made timelines
  • World of Animals (accessed from Kids home page)—information and a simple but detailed comparison tool; great starting point for animal reports


  • Kids Edition for younger students (lower reading level)
  • States and Provinces edition for more detailed information
  • Demographic and cultural information on all UN-recognized countries
  • Personal interviews and experiences


Search streaming and downloadable videos for all grade levels - short clips to introduce lessons, longer videos to view in classSome elementary-appropriate publishers whose videos are included: Bill Nye the Science Guy, Magic School Bus, Reading Rainbow