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Welcome to ESD 112’s Digital Media Center. Your subscription includes access to thousands of standards-aligned, pre-selected resources--articles, video and audio clips, units of study, maps, timelines, and tools--for you and your students to use. Whether you’re assigning a research project or searching for engaging videos to help you introduce a new subject, Digital Media Center has something for you.

Stuck? Check here for links to helpful websites, videos, discussion groups, and other resources to help you get the most out of your DMC subscription.

If you're still having trouble finding what you need, to schedule professional development on Digital Media Center products, or for login questions or other assistance, please contact Katherine Livick via email or phone at 360.952.3395.

Digital Media Center Overview Video Poster Frame
Digital Media Center 2016-2017 Introduction Video (6 minutes)
This video gives a brief overview of tools available to Digital Media Center subscribers.

Search By Standard in Digital Media Center Tools Playlist
This playlist includes information on searching for materials by academic standard in SIRS Discoverer, eLibrary CE, World Book Online, and Learn360.

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Getting Started

We know teachers are busy. If you're wondering where to begin, here are some starting points for you, organized by grade band. Here you'll find some ideas about which resources might work best for your students, and quick lesson plans to help you try something new and engaging with a minimum of preparation. Happy exploring!

Elementary Resources
Middle School Resources
High School Resources

Help and Tutorials

​To the left are some helpful sites to get you started with using the tools in your Digital Media Center subscription. Check out these links to help you learn about the basic and advanced features of each product. 

Don't forget--your membership includes training and professional development on these tools. Contact your district technology or media specialist to find out when trainings are scheduled for your district.