ESD 112 maintains one of the only communication services offered (by ESDs) in the nation.We are experts in bond and levy campaigns!Ask for a complimentary DVD of our video services and a free consultation for your video needs.Call us if you need help on a communications campaign, or want to know more about our services.

Communication Services

ESD 112 maintains the largest public information and communications arts program of Washington's educational service districts. The award-winning group has evolved and grown based on client demand and need for affordable communications products and services.

Launched more than ​35 years ago as a response to the growing requirement for planned, systematic, communications programs in public, private and state schools and nonprofit community agencies, it has rapidly expanded. One full-time information specialist was on staff when service options began in the late 70's, and today, the team consists of five ​communications professionals, a secretary, three graphic designers, a video producer and ​three Print Center employees.

The scope of work has changed dramatically--from simple writing of district newsletters--to complete development and management of strategic marketing and communications programs.

Each member of the ESD 112 Communication Services team has a communications degree, plus extensive experience in ​their respective fields. Most importantly, our staff maintains broad knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the issues and challenges for educators in the state. Combined, we boast more than ​80 years of direct communications service to schools, and community agencies.