Lori Oberheide

Assistant Superintendent,
Communications and Public Engagement

Photo of Lori Oberheide

Lori Oberheide has 32 years of professional experience in public relations, marketing development and implementation, strategic communication management, and related support services. Lori leads a staff of communications coordinators who work with superintendents, boards and district staff on communication issues and community engagement activities. She has successfully developed, coordinated, and implemented a variety of community outreach and communication programs for individual schools, districts, and community agencies throughout Southwest Washington. In addition, she provides leadership and expertise in crisis communications, school funding campaigns, and business partnerships.

She maintains broad knowledge of the issues and challenges faced by public, private and state systems in Washington and uses sensitivity, enthusiasm, and innovation to communicate the most difficult issues to a variety of audiences. Her commitment to education, coupled with experience and professionalism, assure a strong track record of success in the field.

Lori also supervises the ESD 112 Print Center, Video Services (TV ETC) and the Conference and Institute Center. She has been with ESD 112 for 30 years.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Utah State University.

You may contact Lori at 360.952.3589 or by e-mail at Lori Oberheide