Available in Vancouver, Evergreen, Battle Ground, Washougal and Ridgefield School Districts.Available in Vancouver, Evergreen, Battle Ground, Washougal and Ridgefield School Districts.

SWCCC Overview

In 1989, Clark County's business, education and civic leaders joined Educational Service District 112 to take an extraordinary step: they launched the first of what has now become the largest community-run child care system in the United States. Today, this effort is recognized as one of the "best and brightest" examples of local, state and federal government programs addressing one of today's toughest issues: child care.

The Consortium operates 29 centers in Clark County serving 2,000 children and 2,800 parents utilizing more than 200 employees.


SWCCC Center child care rates are at or below the average for the area, resulting in a quality program that remains very affordable.

Quality Program

The nationally recognized, research-based Creative Curriculum is used in all child care programs in the Consortium. Developmentally-appropriate versions of the curriculum are used for infant and toddler, preschool, and school age care. The Creative Curriculum was developed by Diane Trister Dodge and colleagues and is published by Teaching Strategies.

The Creative Curriculum presents an environmentally based approach to planning and implementing developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood settings. It is an effective way to help children gain the self-help and social competency skills they need for lifelong learning.

View the five components of the Creative Curriculum.

The Creative Curriculum focuses on planning for 11 interest areas, each of which addresses children's learning needs.

Quality Staff

SWCCC maintains well-trained staff as well as a variety of educational and training opportunities available to all clients, ranging from specialized services to general early childhood and parenting education. All of our staff are employed through Children Northwest