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Students who are STEM literate will be empowered by trans-disciplinary knowledge and experiences that will help them be college and career ready. STEM literacy is achieved when a student is able to apply his or her understanding of how the world works within and across the four interrelated STEM disciplines to improve the social, economic, and environmental condition of their local and global community. English Language Arts (ELA) is an important key to the success of STEM literacy. You will find ELA literacy services within these pages as well. 


Everyone knows that STEM careers are in demand and will only continue to be in demand in the foreseeable future. In fact STEM jobs are growing twice as fast as all other jobs combined! The health industry is expanding every day and rapidly incorporating technology systems. Students might want to consider this field as their career choice.

Health:IT is an introductory course centered around the fast growing and ever changing world of health information technology (HIT) & health information management (HIM).  A perfect storm of technological advances and legislative mandates (Affordable Care Act) has made the health information technologist the FASTEST growing career in the United States today.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that the HIT / HIM field will grow 22.9% FASTER than the average career field.

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STEM Director
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