School Nurse Corps Program

In 1996-97, Washington State's Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) conducted a survey of school nurses and other workers in public schools. The JLARC survey showed that 89% of students with no on-staff registered nurses were in Class II districts (those districts with less than 2,000 students).

Inclusion of all students in the public school system has created the necessity for school personnel to be responsible for additional and more complex medical procedures, such as EpiPen administration, and to be more knowledgeable about health conditions.

With a more adequate nursing presence, these issues could be safely accomplished in a school setting. Without an adequate presence, students are placed at risk, staff are unfairly burdened, and the schools face greater safety and legal hazards.

In response to these identified emergent needs for school nurse services, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) proposed to develop the state's first School Nurse Corps Program. State/OSPI monies have been funding the School Nurse Corps since August 1999.

School Nurse Corps by County

Clark County
Green Mountain, Ashley Haly—360.225.7366
Hockinson, Leslie Davisson 360.448.6420
La Center, Danielle Rivers—360.263.2134
Ridgefield, Tracy Johnson—360.619.1320
Sharon Bischoff—(Canyon Creek, Cape Horn-Skye, Hathaway, Washougal HS)
Laurie Schmitz-(Gause & Jemtegaard)
Cowlitz County
Castle Rock, Stephanie Larsen—360.501.2920
Kalama, Stephanie Toms—360.673.5212
Toutle Lake, Stephanie Toms- 360.274.6142
Klickitat County
Centerville, Sue Pennington—509.773.4893
Glenwood, Mary Knutson—509.364.3438
Klickitat, Mary Knutson—509.369.4145
Lyle, Mary Knutson—509.767.2211
Mill A, Mary Knutson—509.538.2522
Roosevelt, Mary Knutson—509.384.5462
Trout Lake, Mary Knutson—509.395.2571
White Salmon Valley, Colleen Wahto—509.493.1970
Wishram, Mary Knutson—509.748.2551
Pacific County

Ocean Beach, TBD 360.484.7121 / 360.642.3731

Skamania County
Mill A, Mary Knutson—509.538.2522
Mount Pleasant, Jorjan Plimmer—360.835.3371
Skamania, Jorjan Plimmer—509.427.8239
Stevenson–Carson, Colleen Wahto—509.427.5672
Wahkiakum County
Wahkiakum, Stephanie Larsen—360.795.3261

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Program Overview

  • Provides quality, professional, school nurse services to districts through site funding if school qualifies.
  • Provides school nurse services to districts through separate service contract with districts.
  • Provides consultation to area nurses and/or district on oral medication training; computer health data collection, nursing delegation questions, "Washington State Staff Model for the Delivery of School Health Services" guidelines, health policies and procedures development, district assessments, and more.

When to Contact Your School Nurse

  • You have concerns or questions about your child's health or behavior
  • You want information about health care services in the community
  • You need a referral to a health care provider
  • You need to discuss healthy choices for your family
  • You need dental care for your child
  • Your child's attendance starts to change

Program Contacts

Julia Kintz,RN, BSN School Nurse Corps Administrator
P: 360.952.3519
F: 360.906.1010
Sharon Green, Program Secretary
P: 360.952.3536
F: 360.906.1010


The School Nurse Corps, in partnership with schools, families, and communities, will help students to achieve academic success by improving school health services and health outcomes.