Research Services

Data Coaching

Enhance your school and/or school district data practices to accomplish your goals. Data coaching can help.

  • Facilitate protocols for productive data dialogue
  • Establish social norms for using data practices
  • Identify new sources of useful data
  • Generate new and useful data (e.g., surveys, focus groups, formative assessments)
  • Collect sensitive data
  • Analyze data
  • Report on data analysis
  • Train your team to conduct data practices


Customized evaluation plans, evaluation instruments, full evaluation reports for programs and policies that require or would benefit from an external evaluation.

  • Develop evaluation instruments
  • Develop evaluation plans
  • Write evaluation reports

Grant Development

Successful grants are based on a solid foundation of effective partnerships, a clear theory of action, demonstrated organizational capacity to accomplish the project, well-documented need for the project and an obvious basis in the research literature that supports the project design. The Research Center facilitates the development of these foundational features for successful grants. When the foundation is solid, The Research Center will assist in writing the grant.

Learning Sciences Research and Training

The Research Center conducts training in current theories of learning for teachers interested in closely analyzing their students' learning. The center also provides training in learning sciences research methods for teachers interested in conducting learning research.

  • Facilitate teacher video clubs
  • Facilitate interactional analysis lab for the close analysis of learning
  • Collect classroom video data
  • Analyze classroom video to establish evidence of learning

Video Data Analysis Labs

New video technology allows teachers to and and evaluate evidence of student learning and use this evidence for planning instruction. Using interactional analysis protocols, teachers and principals can identify the immediate learning of their students, in the context of normal classroom activity. With a quick turn around, teachers can hone their instructional practice to their students' immediate learning needs. Interactional analysis is emerging at the cutting edge of learning science and we have the experience to bring it directly to support powerful teaching practice.

Program and Policy Implementation Research

The Research Center conducts research to support the successful implementation of policies and programs in three important ways:

  1. Provide direct, timely, accurate and descriptive feedback for implementation modification
  2. Provide a detailed record of implementation that can be used for future policy and program designs
  3. Establish the supports for and constraints on implementation.
  • Design policy or program implementation
  • Conduct research on a policy or program implementation
  • Conduct a review of research on similar policy or program implementations

Leadership and Learning Research Reviews

The Research Center conducts reviews and synthesizes the research literature on topics of importance, and provides a readable and sharable research brief for decision-making.

  • Conduct research for your classroom, school or school district
  • Write current reviews of research on challenging problems of practice
  • Train leaders to integrate research methods into daily leadership practice
  • Facilitate PLCs conducting classroom based action research

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Sue Feldman

Sue Feldman

Sue comes to the ESD with a wealth of experience in K-12 education and outstanding research experience in the learning sciences and education leadership, policy and organizational design. Sue's professional experience includes classroom teaching in all grades kindergarten through fifth, district central office director of teaching and learning with the Shelton School District, school improvement administrator with OSPI and ESD113. Sue has also worked in higher education as a faculty member at The Evergreen State College and as Academic Director for Teacher Education at Pacific Oaks College Northwest. While earning her PhD at the University of Washington, Sue helped develop the Leadership for Learning superintendents' preparation program.

Sue has worked on multiple studies over the past eight years, including a Gates sponsored national study of school funding formula redesigns, Wallace Foundation sponsored national study of learning focused leadership, and an NSF sponsored study of science coaching in the Spokane School District.

Sue is a versatile researcher and she is excited to bring her passion for learning to serve the schools in the ESD 112 region.


Sue Feldman