Student Threat Assessment Program

In partnership with mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice agencies, the Student Threat Assessment Program, administered by ESD 112, provides Student Threat Assessment services to school districts.

Services Include:

  • Training to key staff in schools regarding the Level I in-building threat screening process of students or situations of concern
  • Coordination of Level II threat assessments in which a trained multidisciplinary team comes to a school site, assesses risk and assists in management and intervention planning
  • Preparation of timely written threat assessment summaries following the Level II assessment process.

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Adam Scattergood,
Threat Assessment Coordinator
All Clark/Cowlitz Districts
Except Vancouver/Battle Ground

Office 360.952.3399
Fax 360.906.0089

Denise Dishongh,
Threat Assessment Coordinator

All Clark County Districts
Except Evergreen

Office 360.952.3644
Fax 360.906.0089


To provide a comprehensive, multidimensional system to assist schools in addressing students who pose a threat for committing acts of violence and to provide these students with options for intervention.


  • Keep students who are at risk from committing violent acts in school.
  • Help protect other students and staff members from potential violence.
  • Provide a comprehensive, multidimensional tool for schools to assess students who may pose a threat.
  • Provide a student-specific safety plan utilizing community resources to mitigate the threat of violence.
  • Standardize the process for addressing students who pose a threat in schools that participate in student threat assessment.
  • Involve parents in the threat assessment process.
  • Document the program’s effectiveness in dealing with students who make threats of violence, including student academic and behavioral success.
  • Work in collaboration with community partners to coordinate resources for the safety and well being of youth, families and communities.


  1. Assess threats of potentially harmful or lethal behavior and determine the level of concern and action required.
  2. Organize resources and strategies to manage situations involving students that pose threats to other students and/or staff.
  3. Maintain a sense of psychological safety among our students, teachers and parents
  4. Reduce the number of expulsions for students who can be maintained safely in the school environment.