Internet Safety Series

Keeping our children safe on the Internet

The Internet is a wonderful resource that provides our children with research material for the learning projects they are assigned at school. At the same time, it poses unknown dangers to them as they explore web sites and share information on social networks. These online videos will help parents understand the importance of paying attention to what their children are doing on the Internet when they are using computers, cell phones, tablets and even gaming consoles. Parents will also receive guidance about setting "ground rules" with their children on using devices online.

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Internet Safety Series!

These five videos provide an overview of the Internet and the ways in which our children are using it. They introduce parents to information that they need about social media, cyberbullying, sexting and more. Parents will gain insights and ideas on how to talk to their children about staying safe online. 


TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY: What's New with Mobile Apps

For parents of children in grades K-12
Length: 24:31
In an age of mobile technology, kids are surrounded by an ever-changing landscape of apps. Which ones are most popular? Which ones are just catching on? Learn about the features and functions of the tools your children use on a daily basis…or soon will!

ON THE MOVE: Kids and Mobile Devices

For parents of children in grades 3-12
Length: 19:38
What are your kids using their mobile phone for? Are they using it to share their location? What are they saying about others? Learn the issues and risks your children take when using their mobile devices, and provide guidelines for safe use.

CYBER-BULLYING: A Child's Nightmare

For parents of children in grades PreK-12
Length: 23:32
About 1/3 of teens have been cyber-bullied (online). Kids use social networking sites, cell phones and other technologies to start a rumor, send a photo or forward a message, but it can easily spiral out of control. Learn the cyber-bullying, and be prepared to take action if this happens to your child.


For parents of children in grades PreK-12
Length: 24:57
In October 2012, it was announced that the popular social media giant Facebook had reached 1 billion registered users. Many of the users are children who don’t know the dangers of sharing too much information. Help your child learn to avoid the mistake of exposing risky or too much information when using social media sites and other online technologies

SEXTING: A False Sense of Popularity

For parents of children in grades 5-12
Kids send inappropriate pictures of themselves to others out of peer pressure, but don't realize the risks to themselves and others when sexting. Once it's online, it's out of their control. Learn the risks of sexting with regard to privacy, cyber-bullying, legal actions, and the impact on your child’s future. 

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