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Parent U is a new program designed especially for parents of children from birth through high school.  Our mission is to connect parents with experts who can provide guidance and resources they need to keep their children safe, healthy and engaged in school.
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Parent U webinars are live online sessions that allow parents to hear a remote presenter and see their computer screen.  A computer with an Internet connection gives parents access to a growing collection of topics.  Our webinars:

    • Guide parents through their child's developmental years;
    • Answer parents' questions about their children's school experiences; and
    • Support parents as they seek ways to keep their children safe, healthy and in school.

Designed especially for busy parents!

Our webinars allow busy parents to connect with experts in their field or profession. Presentations are delivered to parents through computers and the Internet during live, online webinars (web-based seminars). Parent U provides flexible options in connecting parents to experts:

    • A school can host a site for the webinar and invite parents to attend. 
    • A school can provide parents with the webinar information so they can connect from home.
    • A school can provide parents with access to the recorded webinar to view at their own convenience.
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Registering for your webinars:

Identify the webinars you wish to provide for your parents. Select and click on the registration option that best meets your school's needs and budget.

Register in 3 easy steps:
  1. Make your payment.
    Register with a credit card or purchase order number.
  2. Reserve your seat in our webinar.
    After payment is complete, a screen will appear that has instructions for reserving your seat in the webinar (for Registration Options A and B only). Follow the instructions for reserving your seat, and when you have completed that task, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will provide you with the connection link for the night of the  webinar. Save the connection link in your e-mail or calendar for the night of the webinar. (Don't share this link with anyone, as it can only be used by one person).
  3. Connect to the webinar.
    On the night of the webinar, retrieve the connection link to the webinar that you received in the confirmation message that was described in the second step above. To give yourself time to get connected and settled, click on the link about 20 minutes before the webinar is scheduled to begin. (Don't be alarmed if it takes your computer a few minutes to download a small piece of software to prepare for the webinar. Be patient as your computer prepares for the connection.)
More tips for success:
  1. Don't forget to make sure your computer meets the requirements for our webinars.
  2. Test your webinar connection before the night of the webinar.


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