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Parent U is a new program designed especially for parents of children from birth through high school.  Our mission is to help parents learn important information from experts who can provide guidance and resources they need to keep their children safe, healthy and engaged in school.


We're here to help!

Parent U videos allow parents to view presentations that have been pre-recorded and published on the Internet.  A computer with an Internet connection gives parents the ability to watch the videos at their own convenience.  Our videos:

  • Guide parents through their child's developmental years;
  • Answer parents' questions about their children's school experiences; and
  • Support parents as they seek ways to keep their children safe, healthy and in school.
A father watching a webinar on his home computer

Above: A father watches an online Parent U video on the topic of Internet Safety
in the comfort of his own home.

Contact Us

Debbie Tschirgi, Program Director
Educational Service District 112
P: 360.952.3392
E: debbie.tschirgi@esd112.org

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Annual Subscriptions

Parent U video series are available for schools and districts through annual subscriptions. An annual subscription gives your organization the right to place a link to any or all of the the videos in a series on your home page, and to send out the password (which you will receive when you subscribe) to your parents through an email message or a newsletter. (Please Note: Passwords are not to be published on web sites or social media sites, as their privacy can not be guaranteed in those cases.)

Annual subscription fees are based on the number of videos in a series, and can be purchased by a single school or an entire district. Please see the subscription fees on each series' web page.

To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Download the subscription form (found on the web page for the video series) and complete it.
  2. Prepare a purchase order, made out to ESD 112.
  3. Fax the subscription form and the purchase order to ESD 112 at 360.696.3099. (Attention: Diane Pfeiffer.) Or attach it to an email message and send it to diane.pfeiffer@esd112.org.
  4. Once you subscribe, the contact person will receive an e-mail message with a link and a password to the video series you have subscribed to within three business days. The password is good until August 31 each year.
  5. Publish the links and descriptions on your organization's web site. (Feel free to use the description for each video that appears on our web pages.)
  6. Announce the availability of the videos to your parents through any means you wish! Consider using newsletters, email, Parent Nights, etc. Distribute the password for the video series at the same time. Do not place the password on your public web site or your social media site.

Subscriptions are good through August 31 each year, and can be renewed on an annual basis.