RFP and RFQ Solicitations

RFPs and RFQs are published on behalf of ESD 112 for educational organizations to ensure competitive pricing and availability of qualified vendors. 

Examples of these types of services include architecture, landscaping, engineering, electrical—high voltage and low voltage, etc.

Please email us if you plan on participating in the RFP/RFQ  process so we can add you to the plan holders list. We will then be able to include you on any future emails regarding questions and answers or addenda.  Note: Additional information available within the related pages section noted above.

Current RFP Solicitations

RFP: Digital Press / Production Equipment

RFP Number: 
#ESD 112-5-18
Date Published:
Proposal Due Date:
January 26, 2018 (no later than 2:00 pm PST)

RFP Documents:

RFP: Custodial Services Child Care Centers

RFP Number: 
#ESD 112-2-18
Date Published:
Proposal Due Date:
1-11-18 (no later than 2:00 pm PST) 

RFP #ESD 112-2-18 Documents:

Current RFQ Solicitations

(No current publications at this time)

RFQ Number:
Date Published:
Proposal Due Date:

RFQ Documents:

  • RFQ
  • Affidavits
  • Questions and answers related to the RFQ
  • Addenda

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Questions regarding RFP and RFQ's?

Jeff Strunk
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 360-949-1989
Email: jeffrey.strunk@esd112.org

RFP: High and Low Voltage Electrical Services - Archived

RFP Number:
#ESD 112-1-17
Date Published:
Proposal Due Date:
10-26-17 (no later than 2:00 pm)
RFP #ESD 112-1-17 Documents:

NOTE: Award information on the related awarded contracts page

RFP: Custodial Services - Archived

RFP Number:
#ESD 112-7-17
Date Published:
Proposal Due Date:
12-7-17 (no later than 2:00 pm)
RFP #ESD 112-7-17 Documents:

NOTE: Award information on the related awarded contracts page