Professional Development

The Digital Learning Services Program provides a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators and more.

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Workshops and Special Events
While workshops offer educators the opportunity to become proficient at a new technology, method or approach, special events are usually meant to increase awareness on technology's role in a new initiative (or sometimes, the initiative itself!) Registration is usually open to all!
Focused and Sustained Professional Development
Sometimes, attending a single workshop isn't enough to really transform a classroom or a leadership role, and in those cases, participants benefit from a year-long professional development experience with other peers from around the region. Examples of these opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Classroom Models
Sometimes, it's beneficial to develop classroom models as examples of what a transformed learning environment looks like. Whether you are focused on research-based instructional strategies, flipped classrooms, one-to-one environments, or another initiative, we can help co-develop and deliver it.

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Our Vision

Schools that are preparing students for their future.

Our Mission

To promote 21st century learning experiences by providing leadership, developing model classrooms, delivering professional development, offering technical assistance and providing ongoing support for the effective use of technology.

Contact Us

Kristina Wambold
Digital Learning Coach
PH: 360.952.3393

Contact Kristina for information on classroom-based technology coaching, and workshops for using Google Apps in Education.

Katherine Livick
Professional Development Manager for Digital Learning
PH: 360.952.3395

Contact Katherine for general information regarding professional development on using technology proficiently and effectively for teaching and learning.